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What We Do?

"We specialize in four primary areas that work in perfect unison or as independent goals,
and it has proven to deliver brilliant results for our clients"
Gary Beal

Advanced PPC & SEO

No mainstream overused programs or agencies that everyone uses and your the one that loses. Every PPC campaign we have undertook paid for itself. Our SEO clients will speak for us themselves. Referrals On Request.

Social Media

Our network is 100k+ strong. We do the viral stuff and get it out to the viral people. Kittens riding Alligators, Jackasses jumping cars and everything else in between. From production to launch we provide this as a 'hands-free'.

Reputation Management

Pretty serious stuff these days. We have all had to deal with it to a certain extent. Ex's, ex-staff, fake competitor shit and just all-out Cyberbashing. We have a serious arsenal of tactics and strategies for the major brand or the little guy.


This is the part where you scroll down to Packages and pay a couple hundred bucks so we know you are serious. If we agree to a consultation it will cost you a bitcoin and we'll both know you're serious. We'll then refund this upon completion.

The H Team

The first picks in every game


Master of Puppets
Zak started on computers at 2 years old. We think he consulted on that movie "Hackers", but he will neither confirm nor deny. If Zak says 'It Can' or 'It Can't' be done – we listen.


General of a Bot Army
Not even sure who this guy is, or if he's even a guy. All we know is he has an army of seriously experiences "programmers" and owns a magic wand.


Silent Wizard
Mazz doesn't talk. Mazz doesn't sleep. Mazz is covered in these crazy tribal tattoos and piercings. We recruited him solely based on a Pinterest post of him doing a selfie. Wicked skills.


Devvy God
We found this guy hanging out at Starbucks hacking bandwidth and using TOR. When asked what he was doing he answered. "playing Roblox". He was serious!


We were a fairly new casino at the time and needed our own traffic other than expensive PPC or Affiliate traffic. The 'H Team' came up with ideas we would have never thought of – and they worked incredibly.
Mr. P
CMO of a Major Online Casino
We had little traffic and a few disgruntled employees at the same time so it was convenient to have the same guys working on both issues. Ironstone ranked us quickly in Google for our niche and eliminated negative websites from our brand search. Very happy.
Miss L
Massive Dating Website CMO
I know the founder from 15 years ago and he's a great guy. He takes the job seriously. When we were victims of a trash campaign orchestrated by a competitor we lost 50% of our revenue. In 4 weeks these guys had erased everything. Even the listings in Google.
Dory D.
Brand Management Agency


We take Bitcoin only


250 per hr
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5000 minimum
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Site Evaluation

3995 one off
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